About Jess

Hello! I’m Jess Anderson, an avid community builder and mother of two based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Professionally I am a technologist in global product development with fifteen years experience leading high performing work teams and projects. I hold an MBA focused in project management from Keller Graduate School DeVry, I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) from ScrumAlliance, and am PMP certified (inactive) via the Project Management Institute.

I am on a daily mission to be fully engaged in my work, hold space for passion projects, invest in my health and relationships, and make time for play. Balance – it’s possible, but it isn’t always easy. Success requires new thinking, new tools, and a few more skills than many of us were even prepared for setting out. Why? Because the playing field has shifted with the rise in technology and connected living. We are in an exciting time of change but its possible for the most engaged and driven to get burnt out fastest.

This is your community if – you have more priorities during the day than hours to get it all done. You want to maximize your most precious commodity – time. You know you have more to give to the world if only you had the energy left over at the end of the day to get it out there.

I am truly ‘At Work’ here – we are going to explore the concepts, trends, and tools on the market that allow busy, engaged adults to work – and live – to the best version of ourselves and think bigger. I will break down technology products and services as a user and industry insider to give you a head start on what may work best for your own needs. We will explore trends across different aspects of working and living well to connect themes and best practices that can be easily added to your lifestyle.

Thank you for walking beside me in this journey, it’s going to be fun. I am looking forward to getting to know you as we take back our day together.


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