Use This Simple Tool To Make Good Decisions Faster

The Pareto Principle says a small 'vital few' factors have an over-sized influence on results. Business minds have been using this tool for years to make good decisions faster. You can use this same analysis tool in your personal life to make good decisions and manage your to task list.

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Review: Flexispot All-In-One Desk Bike Saves Time, Adds Activity To Office Life

I have increased my ‘active’ heart rate daily average by more than 20 minutes and feel confident I can maintain the gain. The Desk Bike makes it so easy to get that time in without having to compromise other priorities.

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How to be great at your job – have a side gig

Creative pursuits after hours give you surprising advantages in the workplace By boosting your cognitive flexibility you will increase your chance of breakthrough thinking and creative problem solving.Flexible, creative thinking gets stronger with time and practice. You control these outcomes!Side gigs, passion projects, hobbies and play can all contribute to a more creative mind. Multi-what’s?… Continue reading How to be great at your job – have a side gig